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Sponsor the first ever Western Bulldogs women’s team

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Sponsor the first ever Western Bulldogs women's team when they play on the MCG in June.



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This year, the top 50 female footballers in Australia will represent an AFL team for the very first time in an exhibition game on the MCG.

The inaugural AFL Women’s exhibition game will be played as a curtain raiser on the MCG during AFL Women’s Round, leading into the Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs game on Saturday 29 June.

This game represents an important milestone for women's football, being the first time that female footballers will have the opportunity to represent an AFL team on the MCG. 

In order to recognise those playing in this memorable game, we are calling for sponsors to support the players. 

For just $500, you can sponsor a player, and these funds will be used directly to support the teams selected to take part in this historic game.

Please note: Melbourne Football Club is collecting donations for this campaign on behalf of both clubs.  When you select a player to sponsor and proceed to the PayPal checkout, the checkout will list "MELBOURNEfc (Mates of Melbourne)" as the donation recipient.  All funds will be distributed to the players taking part in the game.


Sponsorship package inclusions

Each sponsor will receive the following benefits:

  • A photo of the inaugural Western Bulldogs Women’s Team
  • An invitation to attend the Western Bulldogs women’s team training session
  • A recognition certificate


Playing List

Pick State Position League Club Age
2 VIC Stephanie Chiocci Diamond Creek WFC 25
4 VIC Aasta O'Connor Darebin Falcons WFC 26
6 VIC Karen Paxman Darebin Falcons FC 25
8 VIC Katie Loynes Diamond Creek WFC 27
10 VIC Emma Kearney Melbourne Uni 24
12 VIC Lauren Arnell Darebin Falcons FC 26
14 VIC Rebecca Privitelli Darebin Falcons FC/Kew Rovers 18
16 VIC Elise O'Dea Darebin Falcons FC 22
18 VIC Nicola Stevens Melbourne Uni 20
20 QLD Natalie Thomas Yeronga AFC 35
22 VIC Katie Brennan Darebin Falcons FC 21
24 WA Leah Mascall Coastal Titans 23
26 VIC Louise Stephenson Melbourne Uni 18
28 QLD Kate Lutkins Yeronga AFC 25
30 VIC Lauren Spark Melbourne Uni 28
32 WA Kira Phillips Peel Thunder 18
34 VIC Sarah D'Arcy Eastern Devils 22
36 QLD Ally Anderson Zillmere WAFC 19
38 SA Courtney Cramey Morphetville Park WFC 28
40 VIC Jenna Bruton Ballarat Youth Girls 18
42 VIC Penelope Cula-Reid St Kilda Sharks 25
44 QLD Emily Bates Yeronga JAFC 18
46 VIC Jessica Dal Pos Darebin 20
48 WA Kellie Marie Gibson Swan Districts 17
50 VIC Natalie Wood Darebin Falcons 35


Ally Anderson

19, Zillmere WAFC (QLD)

1 available

Lauren Arnell

26, Darebin Falcons FC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Emily Bates

18, Yeronga JAFC (QLD)

All seats taken!

Katie Brennan

21, Darebin Falcons FC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Jenna Bruton

18, Ballarat Youth Girls (VIC)

All seats taken!

Stephanie Chiocci

25, Diamond Creek WFC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Courtney Cramey

28, Morphetville Park WFC (SA)

All seats taken!

Penelope Cula-Reid

25, St Kilda Sharks (VIC)

All seats taken!

Sarah D'Arcy

22, Eastern Devils (VIC)

All seats taken!

Jessica Dal Pos

20, Darebin (VIC)

1 available

Kellie Marie Gibson

17, Swan Districts (WA)

All seats taken!

Emma Kearney

24, Melbourne Uni (VIC)

1 available

Katie Loynes

27, Diamond Creek WFC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Kate Lutkins

25, Yeronga AFC (QLD)

All seats taken!

Leah Mascall

23, Coastal Titans (WA)

All seats taken!

Aasta O'Connor

26, Darebin Falcons WFC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Elise O'Dea

22, Darebin Falcons FC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Karen Paxman

25, Darebin Falcons FC (VIC)

All seats taken!

Kira Phillips

18, Peel Thunder (WA)

All seats taken!

Rebecca Privitelli

18, Darebin Falcons FC/Kew Rovers (VIC)

1 available

Lauren Spark

28, Melbourne Uni (VIC)

All seats taken!

Louise Stephenson

18, Melbourne Uni (VIC)

1 available

Nicola Stevens

20, Melbourne Uni (VIC)

1 available

Natalie Thomas

35, Yeronga AFC (QLD)

1 available

Natalie Wood

35, Darebin Falcons (VIC)

All seats taken!

Coach - Peta Searle

Port Melbourne (VIC)

All seats taken!