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The Basin Football Club

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We would like to buy a new electronic scoreboard that can be used all year round.



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We have tried for a few years to raise the money for a new scoreboard but have only got to half the amount needed. This would bring the facilities at our club up to the same standard as the other teams in our competition. We already have $15000 committed by our sponsors.

All contributor's will be displayed on the scoreboard on the grand opening if we can achieve our target! All sponsors will be shown throught out the season.





This includes your name on the Electronic Fund Contributor Board in the clubrooms and website and a club stubby holder. As well as your name appearing as a thank you on the scoreboard during the 2015 season. You will also get an invite to the unveiling of the scoreboard in season 2015.

298 available

3 Game Member

This includes a 2015 3 game membership, and your name on our Electronic Scoreboard funder plaque

4 available


You become a scoreboard sponsor for the 2015 season. Each time the scoreboard is used when there is a goal in footy or a 4 or 6 is hit in cricket your company /business or private name will run across the board for the 1st year. There is at least 5 football games per week in football season and 2 cricket games on a Saturday and one game every second Sunday during cricket season. We also have junior games every Friday night and 20/20 games once a fortnight.

5 available