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Crowdfunding, where people and organisations call on a collective of donors to help fund projects, is changing the way the world raises money.

Crowdfunding has raised hundreds of millions of dollars across industries such as technology, innovation and the arts.

We've customised crowdfunding for footy clubs.

A fundraising tool that engages
your entire community

How it works

Example: Club X needs money to install an electronic scoreboard. The scoreboard benefits players, fans and coaches. It also provides a great way for local businesses to gain exposure and for supporters to make a direct contribution to the club.

Crowdfunding allows everyone who will benefit from the scoreboard to contribute to its purchase.

Create a Team Bus campaign with rewards such as:
  • Signage opportunities for $500+ donors
  • An honour wall for $100+ donors
  • A ribbon cutting event for $50+ donors

Or get creative with rewards like:
  • Dinner cooked by your players
  • A day in the coach's box
  • Host a fans versus players exhibition match

Every donor gets something in return

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Everyone can help

Players, coaches and supporters promote your Team Bus campaign using social media, reaching a massive network of potential donors.

Anyone can contribute

Your Team Bus page is your hub for collecting donations ranging from $5 to $100,000+

It's here for season 2013

Some examples of upcoming football Team Bus campaigns

  • Purchasing an electronic scoreboard for an amateur club
  • Funding a bus service to transport players at a junior soccer club
  • Taking a women’s football team to play overseas
  • Helping YOUR club!

What does it cost?

  • It’s free to set up a Team Bus campaign
  • We charge a 5.5% service fee on all donations and PayPal fees of ~2.4% apply
  • All donations are paid directly to your club
  • You keep all donations, regardless of whether you meet your target

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Playing in the big leagues?

Team Bus isn't just for grass roots and junior clubs - Email to find out more

  • Fund major projects
    Raise money towards specific projects such as facility development, buying elite training equipment or funding player retention and recuitment.
  • Support grass roots clubs
    Lend your players names as ambassadors for local football club fundraising campaigns. Allows you to support local clubs without stretching your players’ time even further.
  • Fund community initiatives
    Provide supporters with the opportunity to directly contribute to your Club’s education, charity and community programs.

Team Bus - the sports club and athlete fundraising vehicle