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Sponsor the first ever Melbourne Football Club women’s team

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Sponsor the first ever Melbourne Football Club women's team when they play on the MCG in June.



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This year, the top 50 female footballers in Australia will represent an AFL team for the very first time in an exhibition game on the MCG.

The inaugural AFL Women’s exhibition game will be played as a curtain raiser on the MCG during AFL Women’s Round, leading into the Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs game on Saturday 29 June.

This game represents an important milestone for women's football, being the first time that female footballers will have the opportunity to represent an AFL team on the MCG.

In order to recognise those playing in this memorable game, we are calling for sponsors to support the players.

For just $500, you can sponsor a player, and these funds will be used directly to support the teams selected to take part in this historic game.


Sponsorship package inclusions

Each sponsor will receive the following benefits:

  • A photo of the inaugural Melbourne Football Club Women’s Team
  • An invitation to attend the Melbourne women’s team training session
  • A recognition certificate


Melbourne playing list

Selection State Position League Club Age
1 VIC Daisy Pearce Darebin Falcons 24
3 WA Chelsea Randall   21
5 WA Kara Donnellan   21
7 WA Kirby Bentley East Fremantle  
9 VIC Louise Wotton Eastern Devils 29
11 VIC Melissa Hickey Darebin Falcons 28
13 VIC Ellie Blackburn Beaconsfield 18
15 WA Melissa Caulfield East Fremantle 24
17 VIC Jasmine Garner St.Kilda 18
19 WA Kira Bowers Coastal Titans 21
21 VIC Madeline Keryk VU St.Albans Spurs 18
23 Vic Bree White VU St.Albans Spurs 31
25 NSW/ACT Courtney Gum UNSW/ES 31
27 VIC Alicia Eva Melbourne Uni 22
29 WA Emma Swanson Peel Thunderbirds 18
31 WA Brooke Whyte Coastal Titans 23
33 VIC Bianca Jakobson Berwick  
35 NSW/ACT Jennifer Lew Sydney Uni  
37 QLD Leah Kaslar Palm Beach Currumbin AFC 27
39 VIC Kaitlyn Ashmore Melbourne Uni 21
41 WA Renee Forth Coastal Titans 26
43 WA Stephanie Walding East Fremantle 31
45 VIC Amy Catterall St.Kilda 24
47 SA Alex Price Port Adelaide Magpies 17
49 SA Bronwyn Davey Greenacres 33


No.1 Draft Pick Daisy Pearce with Melbourne GM, List Management Tim Harrington.

Kaitlyn Ashmore

21 year old from Melbourne Uni (VIC) - Centre Half Back

1 available

Kirby Bentley

From East Fremantle (WA) - Midfield

1 available

Ellie Blackburn

18 year old from Beaconsfield (VIC) - Midfield

All seats taken!

Kira Bowers

21 year old from Coastal Titans (WA) - Forward

All seats taken!

Amy Catterall

24 year old from St.Kilda (VIC) - Full Forward

1 available

Melissa Caulfield

24 year old from East Fremantle (WA) - Midfield

1 available

Bronwyn Davey

33 year old from Greenacres (SA) - Half Forward Flank

All seats taken!

Kara Donnellan

21 year old from WA - Midfield

All seats taken!

Alicia Eva

22 year old from Melbourne Uni (VIC)

All seats taken!

Renee Forth

26 year old from Coastal Titans (WA) - Midfield

1 available

Jasmine Garner

18 year old from St.Kilda (VIC) - Forward

All seats taken!

Courtney Gum

31 year old from UNSW/ES (NSW/ACT) - Midfield

1 available

Melissa Hickey

28 year old from Darebin Falcons (VIC) - Centre Half Back

All seats taken!

Bianca Jakobson

From Berwick (VIC)

All seats taken!

Leah Kaslar

27 year old from Palm Beach Currumbin AFC (QLD) - Back

All seats taken!

Madeline Keryk

18 year old from VU St.Albans Spurs (VIC) - Midfield

All seats taken!

Jennifer Lew

From Sydney Uni (NSW/ACT)

1 available

Daisy Pearce

24 year old from Darebin Falcons (VIC) - Midfield

All seats taken!

Alex Price

17 year old from Port Adelaide Magpies (SA) - Forward

All seats taken!

Chelsea Randall

21 year old from (WA) - Midfield

All seats taken!

Emma Swanson

18 year old from Peel Thunderbirds (WA) - Midfield

1 available

Stephanie Walding

31 year old from East Fremantle (WA) - Half Forward

1 available

Bree White

31 year old from VU St.Albans Spurs (Vic) - Ruck Rover

1 available

Brooke Whyte

23 year old from Coastal Titans (WA) - Half Back

All seats taken!

Louise Wotton

29 year old from Eastern Devils (VIC) - Ruck

All seats taken!

Michelle Cowan


All seats taken!