Reece-Emerson van Beek and Lauren Hay - Deaf Cycling Australia

Road to 2013 Deaflympics in Bulgaria

Reece-Emerson van Beek and Lauren Hay - Deaf Cycling Australia


Deaf cyclists Reece-Emerson van Beek and Lauren Hay need your help to compete at the Deaflympics in Bulgaria this year.



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We have already raised most of the money we need to get to Bulgaria, but we are calling on our friends, family and supportersto raise another $2,000 to get there.

We will both be breaking new ground by competing in this year's Deaflympics.  Reece will be competing in his third Deaflympics, while Lauren will become the first female cyclist to compete in the event for Australia.

Message from Reece-Emerson van Beek

This is my third Deaflympics and I need your help to get there. 

This is an opportunity to create equality through sports and a chance for me to get back on the top of the ladder.  I plan to use my experiences to help more deaf cyclists to join in with me in the future.

Every time there is a barrier against me I keep fighting that wall to show that I am a real champion. 

I never ever give up no matter how tough the circumstances are, both on and off the road!


Message from Lauren Hay

Lauren HayI have been selected in the Australia Deaf Team to compete in Womens Cycling for the Deaflympics which is being held this July in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I’m the first Australia woman to compete in womens cycling at the Deaflympics and I would like to ask if you could help by sponsoring me as it would be great support for me to reach my goal and gear for my bike.



Our expenses to get to the Deaflympics are over $9,000 each, of which we have raised most ourselves and through government support.  

This is what it costs to get to the Deaflympics:  

  • $4,000 payment to Deaf Sport Australia for accomondation, fees etc.
  • $2,500 for Flights to Sofia, Bulgaria
  • $1,575 for accomondation at AIS Europe base ($75 per night)
  • If possible, I'd also like to give $1,000 to Lauren Hay for becoming the first Australian female to come to Deaflympic Games
  • Other expenses include buying equipment, disc wheels, helmets and uniforms

We are nearly there, we just need your help to raise the last $2,000 to compete at our full potential.




´╗┐Check out Reece's profile on the Deaf Cycling Australia website

Read about Lauren's transformation from running to cycling


We would appreciate your help ASAP because It's not long to go until the Deaflympics and it has become harder for us.

For your donation, we are offering the following rewards:

  • A postcard from Europe
  • Souvenir socks and bumper stickers
  • Deaf Cycling Australia Membership
  • Sponsorship opportunities


Where is Sofia, Bulgaria?



Our results

When I travel to Bulgaria for the Deaflympics I hope to add to my list of cycling achievements, which includes:

  • 2003 Golden Mile Wheelrace winner at Bendigo, Victoria
  • 2004 Victorian Time Trial Championship 35km (10th)
  • 2005 Deaflympics Melbourne 2 x Gold (35km TT and 50km Points)
  • 2006 National Champinship TT (15th)
  • 2006 World Deaf Cycling Championship San Francisico (Top 10 TT and points score)
  • 2008 Tour de Formosa for Deaf (Taiwan)
  • 2009 Deaflympic Taipei (1 x Silver and 1 x Bronze 35km TT and 50km points)
  • 2010 Tour de Formosa for Deaf (Taiwan)
  • 2012 Asia Pacifc Deaf Games (1 x Gold and 2 x Silver- 35km TT, 100km Road Race and 50km Points Score)
  • 2012 Tour de Formosa for Deaf (top 15 overall)


Postcard from Europe

I'll send you a personal message of thanks while I am in Bulgaria

47 available

Socks offered

I'll send you a pair of souvenir Deaf Sports Australia socks. I have colours of black, yellow and white with kangaroos on the socks.

95 available

Deaf Cycling Australia Membership

A free one year membership to Deaf Cycling Australia, including DCA bumper stickers.

Plus a pair of souvenir socks!

50 available

Sponsor Me

Your logo will appear on my cycling shirt when I compete in Italy in the lead-up to the Deaflympics. You'll also be listed as a sponsor on my Team Bus page and my Facebook page.

2 available

Major sponsorship

In addition to all of the rewards listed above, you will get your logo on all my cycling tops for the next two years, plus I will visit your club or business (must be in Melbourne) to offer my personal thanks.

1 available