Scott White Pro Stock Motorcycle 868

Help Pro Stock Motorcycle Rider Scott White Get to the East Coast Nationals at Sydney Dragway

Scott White Pro Stock Motorcycle 868

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Scott White needs your help to get to the East Coast Nationals at Sydney Dragway to compete in the Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship series.



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Let's get Scott to the East Coast Nationals

Scott White Pro Stock Motorcycle 868 is a privateer motorcycle drag racing team competing at a national level in the Pro Stock Motorcycle (PSM) class of drag racing. PSM is one of 6 classes of vehicle that race at the highest level in Australian drag racing. This season these group 1 vehicles will be competing in the Australian Professional Drag Racers (APDR) Group 1 Series Championship at six events around Australia.

In previous campaigns, Scott has been largely self-funded. This season he needs your help to compete at these events, and so we are having a go at crowd funding! This is our first campaign to raise much needed funds to get Scott to the first event of the season – the East Coast Nationals at Sydney Dragway 7-8 November 2015.

As you can imagine, motorsports like drag racing can be an expensive business. Competitor entry fees for each event are several hundred dollars. Transport costs to travel to each event quickly mount up. Travel and accommodation for our crew need to be paid for. Racing fuel, tyres and other operating costs have to be factored in. Engine breakages and wear can amount to many thousands of dollars.

We hope you can help by becoming one of our supporters for as little as $25. If you have a business, please consider one of our sponsorship packages for as little as $500. But hurry; there are only 110 seats in our supporter Team Bus and only 11 sponsor packages to secure a seat in business class on our Team Bus!

Our Platinum Sponsor package will get you an exciting marketing opportunity for your business:

  • Naming rights
  • Maximum brand exposure on bike, transporter, trailer and apparel
  • Maximum brand exposure on team websites and social media
  • Regular posts on team social media for your company activities (sales, promotions etc)
  • Motorcycle on display at your premises for a PR day before the event
  • Event tickets for 8 people including meet & greet of rider and crew and tour of pit operations
  • Start line Experience – one honorary crew membership includes joining and participating with the crew at the start line and your own team shirt to keep.

For more information about our sponsorship packages click here. (Note: Sponsors will be required to supply appropriately sized vinyl decals prior to event.)

Giving Back

Scott is proud to be supporting CAP (Christians Against Poverty, and will be donating 2% of funds raised in this campaign to this charity.

CAP exists to address the problem of poverty and social exclusion caused by over-indebtness, and is the only charitable provider of free debt management in Australia.

About the Event

Sydney Dragway in conjunction with the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is hosting the first of an entirely new series of professional drag racing events – the APDR Group 1 Series Championships – an event that will showcase some of the fastest and explosive vehicles on the planet! The event will feature Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle, as well as a full contingent of sportsman vehicles.

The East Coast Nationals will be held 7-8 November 2015

About the Team

Scott White, the team owner and rider, has been regularly drag racing motorcycles almost his entire adult life at both state and national levels. He raced Pro Stock Motorcycle in the early ‘90s, but work commitments put a stop to his competing on the national circuit. In 2011 he returned to the national Pro Stock Motorcycle stage and has competed at every PSM event since then and has finished 3rd in the Championship points in 2013 and 2014. Scott holds track records at Hidden Valley, Darwin and the South Coast Raceway, Portland.

Paul Grey is Scott’s crew chief and has been involved in various incarnations of Scott’s racing for many years. Paul is responsible for operating the sophisticated electronic ignition, datalogging and weather station systems and interpreting the data for tuning the engine. Paul is also in charge of the start line operations.

Dave Finn has been a regular member of the team for a number of years and is our hands on spanner man responsible for a lot of the heavy lifting and mechanical work.

About Pro Stock Motorcycle

The Pro Stock Motorcycle, sometimes known as Pro Stock Bike or Pro Bike, are finely tuned naturally aspirated motorcycles with powerful in-line 4 cylinder or V-twin based engines in custom chassis with bodies designed to replicate production motorcycles.

Pro Stock Motorcycle riders balance on a knife edge as they attempt to out-react their opponent and manage multiple gear changes without overpowering the track while reaching speeds around 300 km/h over the quarter mile.

More Info.

For more information please visit Scott White's website and social media channels:

Note: All reward merchandise will be despatched after this campaign. You will be notified by email for delivery details.


$5 Donor


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$25 Bronze Supporter

Race report email and social media shout out + A warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve helped

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$50 Silver Supporter

As per Bronze Supporter + Personalised photo postcard thankyou letter

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$100 Gold Supporter

As per Silver Supporter + Signed team poster.

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$250 Platinum Supporter

As per Gold Supporter + Limited edition Pro Stock Motorcycle Association T-shirt

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$500 Bronze Sponsor

Your brand decal on bike & team assets + posts on team social media for your company activities

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$1000 Silver Sponsor

As per Bronze Sponsor + Event tickets for 2 people including meet & greet with rider and crew

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$2500 Gold Sponsor

As per Silver Sponsor + Total of 4 event tickets, prominent brand exposure, pit operations tour

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$5000 Platinum Sponsor

As per Gold Sponsor + 8 tickets total, max brand exposure, 1 start-line experience & much more!

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