Sports Fundraising Ideas

Sports fundraising requires sports clubs and athletes to be innovative.  Gone are the days when you can expect businesses to invest in old-fashioned sponsorship packages and for fans to throw money at any fundraiser your club offers.

Here are three ways sports clubs and athletes can create a Team Bus online fundraising campaign to engage supporters and businesses alike.

Player Sponsorship Campaign

Many sports teams give supporters the chance to sponsor a player to raise money for their club. Now with Team Bus you can create an online page to 'sell' your players.

Player sponsorship can provide a great opportunity for businesses to sponsor your club and receive exposure in the community (along with potential tax benefits).

However player sponsorship is also a away to offer fun and creative rewards to supporters such as:
• Club merchandise
• Event tickets
• Dinner with the player
• A date with the player!

Example: AFL Clubs Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs raised over $17k for their women's teams by creating player sponsorship campaigns on Team Bus.

Event Sponsorship

Looking for new ways to sell tickets and raise money from your club's major events such as your awards night or gala ball?

A Team Bus page gives you the opportunity to not only sell tickets to your event, but also give supporters and sponsors the option to buy other special benefits such as:
• VIP access
• Memorabilia associated with the event
• The opportunity to be part of formalities (ie. presenting an award or cutting a ribbon)
• Event sponsorship


If you haven't heard about crowdfunding by now, you may have been in hibernation for the past two years.  It's taking the world by storm and is being used to fund everything from movies and the arts to businesses and inventions.
Now, thanks to Team Bus, you can start a crowdfunding campaign for your sporting endeavour and create rewards ranging from souvenirs and merchandise to unique sponsorship packages.

Raise money for:
• Travelling to major events
• Purchasing equipment
• Starting a new team
• Chasing your dreams

Example:  Paralympians Shelley Chaplin and Leanne Del Toso raised $12.5k to take part in a 550km bike ride around Fiji.  In doing so they not only achieved an amazing feat - they also used the trip to promote disabled sport in Fiji.

Team Bus ideas for your sport


• Cover your travel expenses to a major event
• Access elite coaching to help you become the best you can be
• Purchase equipment to give you a competitive advantage
• Go places and achieve things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do

Football Clubs (all codes)

• Purchase an electronic scoreboard
• Fund major club room and ground upgrades
• Upgrade your clubrooms to accommodate female teams
• Buy equipment, whether it be footballs, uniforms or gym equipment

Tennis Clubs

• Upgrade your courts or clubrooms
• Build small tennis courts for kids
• Purchase equipment such as ball machines
• Install light towers

Surf Lifesaving Clubs

• Purchase new vehicles or lifesaving boats
• Raise money to help match government grants
• Build the resources to host major events at your club

Elite Clubs

• Fund the purchase of the latest state-of-the-art training equipment
• Give fans the opportunity to donate towards the retention of your star players
• Help to buy footballs to distribute as part of an Indigenous community program
• Enable supporters to fund your club's community programs
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