Some tips on providing the right rewards and incentives for your Team Bus fundraiser.

For each Team Bus, fundraisers can set up a series of incentives based on different levels of contribution. Someone who donates under $100 may be recognised by having their name printed in a club newsletter, whereas someone who donates over $1,000 may be recognised by having their business logo published on your club website for a year.

Here are some examples of good incentives, but our best suggestion is that you make your incentives interesting and relevant to your club.

Experiential incentives
Give your donors an inner sanctum or unique experience within your club. Examples include:

Visual recognition
Put your donors’ names (or company names) up in lights. Some examples:

Personal recognition

Individually thank each donor with a personal touch, such as:


Do you have sponsors or other local businesses in your community who are willing to donate their goods and services to help you raise funds? If so, you can use these donations as incentives for people to donate to your Team Bus campaign.