Campaign Checklist

Want to run a successful Team Bus campaign?  Here's your guide to making it happen.


1. Define your goals

Tip: By having a well defined target and a single objective for your project, supporters are more likely to buy into your campaign. 

2. Define project structure

Decide how you would like to structure the rewards for your campaign:

Tip: You may like to try multiple types of campaign across the year.

3. Content

Develop the material to tell your story and engage your community:

Tip: Don't put creating a video in the too hard basket. The fact is that campaigns with an effective video raise more money.  Anyone can create a video- even if you only have a phone video camera.

4. Rewards

Create items at different price points to engage different types of supporters.  Rewards vary for each campaign, but here are some guidelines to help you get started:

Tip: Check out our Rewards ideas page

5. Marketing Plan

This is probably the most important part of your campaign.  Although a Team Bus page is a great way to tell your story, collect donations and provide great rewards, you still need to be prepared to work hard to drive traffic to the page.

Tip: Print this list and use it as a checklist. When your campaign has two week left, you should print a new copy and start again.

6. Verification

There's a few things we need to identify your campaign. Team Bus may ask you to provide the following:

Tip: Check our review process page for more details.