Introducing Team Bus

The easy way for sports clubs and athletes to raise money
Who is using Team Bus?
Sport clubs, community organisations & athletes chasing dreams
Western Bulldogs Women's Team Reclink Community Cup - Get on the Bus

What is Team Bus?

Team Bus, the sports club and athlete fundraising vehicle, has been created by sports fundraising experts as a platform that allows the community to contribute to the growth and development of sport in Australia. Any sports club or athlete can create a Team Bus crowdfunding campaign.

What is Crowdfunding?

It's what happens when people and organisations call on a collective of donors to help fund projects. Crowdfunding has raised hundreds of millions of dollars across industries such as technology, innovation and the arts. We have customised that model for sports clubs and athletes.

Why does Team Bus matter to you?

Fundraising is so important to sport at all levels - from junior and grass roots clubs to elite clubs and athletes - and it is only with the contributions of the community that competitive sport can prosper. Team Bus makes it easy for the sporting community to raise money.

How do I get started?

The first thing you should do is click here to share your campaign idea with us. We'll help you from there.

What's new at Team Bus?

At Team Bus we're always looking at ways to make it easier for sports clubs and athletes to raise money.

Some of the changes coming this August:
  • Team Bus Payment Gateway: Instead of creating a PayPal account, fundraisers can simply provide us with bank details (and valid ID)
  • Streamlined campaign pages: Showcase your campaign to your supporters
  • Simplified payment process: Allows supporters to contribute with confidence and ease
  • Lower transaction fees: 92.5% of donations end up in your pocket
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Team Bus - the sports club and athlete fundraising vehicle