Fundraising Australian Sport

Melbourne and Western Bulldogs football clubs have raised $33,015 to fund their women's teams

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Bring a smile to kids in the Kimberley Region

$20,575 raised

Melbourne Football Club 2014 Women's Team

$15,365 raised

The Chelsea Project

$14,030 raised

Say goodbye to Luke Dahlhaus' Dreadlocks

$13,045 raised

From London 2012 Paralympics to Fiji 2013

$12,438 raised

VU Spurs Head To The USA

$10,130 raised

Sponsor the first ever Western Bulldogs women’s team

$9,630 raised

The Veloroos to Race Across America in 7 days

$9,001 raised

Melbourne Football Club 2015 Women's Team

$8,700 raised

Support young Victorians with disability at Nationals

$7,492 raised

Support the Seals 2014

$6,960 raised

Taylor Potter Racing

$6,915 raised

James Arnold Racing

$6,780 raised

Help the Victorian 7-a-side football team get to Nationals

$6,523 raised

Get On Board and help a Crew of Para-Rowers get to Boston

$5,890 raised

Dribblin' to Perth!

$5,075 raised

A Team Bus campaign allows sports clubs, athletes and charities to raise money online.

Whether you need to raise $200 or $200,000.

Team Bus

Team Bus allows fundraisers to keep all donations, regardless of whether you reach your target. 
Use a Team Bus page to sell merchandise, memberships, tickets and sponsorship packages
(plus anything else your imagination can come up with).



Online crowdfunding is taking the world by storm. It's being used to fund everything from movies and the arts to businesses and inventions. With Team Bus, you can start a crowdfunding campaign for your sports club and create rewards ranging from souvenirs and merchandise to unique sponsorship packages.

Player Sponsorship

Give supporters the chance to sponsor a player to raise money for your club. Now with Team Bus you can create an online page to 'sell' your players. Player sponsorship can provide a great opportunity for businesses to sponsor your club and receive exposure in the community.

Event Sponsorship

Looking for new ways to sell tickets and raise money from your club's major events? A Team Bus page gives you the opportunity to sell tickets, sponsorship packages and merchandise for your event and can be used for major events such as your awards night or competitions such as a golf day or open water swim.